WORLD COMPETITION 2017 KOBE,JAPAN 2017.11.3(Fri)-5(Sun)
In 2013, the black “ark” arrived upon the shores of the BMX FLATLAND holy land, Kobe.
It was the beginning of a voyage, a challenge to raise the bar of the world’s extreme sports scene to the next level.
“A contest for the riders, by the riders”
This is the one and only concept of FLAT ARK, whose most important goal is to create an environment where riders can put on their best performance. These words, first spoken by organizer Yohei Uchino, have been the catalyst for the evolution of FLAT ARK’s quality over the years, allowing the contest, in 2015, to offer the largest prize money ever awarded in the history of Japanese BMX/Street Sports— a whopping five million yen— putting FLAT ARK on the world map for “big contests.”

And then…
In 2017, a new Ark descends upon Kobe.


Created by the real deal,
to show the real deal.
Over the past four years since 2013,
FLAT ARK has claimed its place amongst the major contests of the BMX riding world.
This time, in the wake of skateboarding becoming a new event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we are bringing aboard a new international contest, SKATE ARK.
The two entities have now joined together to become the extreme world competition, ARK LEAGUE.
Simply landing tricks will not get you far in this contest.
Only those who have pursued and polished their own style can claim victory.
The stage for this battle, approved by the world’s top riders and skaters, is sure to bring admiration to all contenders who manage to stand upon it.
True wheel masters who have crossed the globe, battling far and wide, open the curtains this year on the tournament “created by the real deal, to show the real deal.”
2013年、BMX FLATLANDの聖地・神戸に降り立った黒い“箱舟”。
それは、世界のエクストリームスポーツシーンをネクストレべルに引き上げる 「航海」の幕開けでした。
これは、ライダーが最高のパフォーマンスを発揮できる環境づくりを 最大目標とするFLAT ARKのたった一つのコンセプト。
大会オーガナイザー・内野洋平が打ち立てたこの言葉は、大会クオリティを年々進化させ、2015年には日本のストリートスポーツ界・BMX界でも史上最高金額となる優勝賞金500万円が用意されるなど、FLAT ARKを世界最大級のビッグコンテストへと成長させてきました。



2013年から4年間にわたり、BMX界のビッグコンテストとしての地位を築き上げてきたFLAT ARK。
そこに、2020年東京オリンピックの追加種目に決定した「スケートボード」の世界大会「SKATE ARK」が参戦!
FLAT ARK(BMXフラットランド)、SKATE ARK(スケートボード)によるエクストリーム世界大会「ARK LEAGUE」として生まれ変わります。